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  Reverend Robert (Bob) Johnstone is an Ordained Spiritual Minister, Certified Spiritual Healer, Medium and Teacher.

   Reverend Johnstone has done workshops throughout Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom working with both Edgar Cayce Materials and Spiritual Development Materials.

  In 1996, Robert (Bob) Johnstone entered Camp Chesterfield, Indiana and six years later he became Reverend Robert (Bob) Johnstone or better known as Rev. Bob . Ordained Spiritual Minister, Certified Spiritual Healer, Certified Medium and Teacher.
   His Love for his work and his Fellow Man makes Rev. Bob what he is today. An active member for over twenty-five years with the Edgar Cayce Materials, Montreal, Canada's area co-ordinator for Edgar Cayce Canada. A man who shares his skills and Mediumistic abilities throughout Canada, the United States and parts of the UK.

  During the summer months you can find Rev. Bob honing these skills at home in Canada and perfecting them in the United States at Camp Cassadaga, Cassadaga, Flordia.

  On a more personal note: Rev. Bob is a man on his own spiritual journey, acting as the Gate Keeper, helping others find new and better ways of finding themselves. To find that inner peace and harmony we all so desire. I will leave you with this and say:   NAMASTE.  .  . 


Robert (Bob) Johnstone

Cassadaga, Florida 32744

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Creative Awakening by Reverend Robert (Bob) Johnstone

By Reverend Robert (Bob) Johnstone

Reverend Bob at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

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