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Psychic Butterfly Art

Psychic Butterfly Art is a transformational tool in which Reverend Bob asks you to select a variety of paints as you are sharing sacred meditation time together. He then places the paint in the center of a folded page of water color paper. The colors one chooses usually represents a deeper aspect of self/Self and are relevant at both a known and unknown level of consciousness. When completed, it becomes a reference for recalling the sacred path you are on. It is truly magical how a "pile of paint" in the center of the page transforms into the beautiful butterfly you see here...much like your issues can transform from "all jumbled up" into a recognizable form that you remember because the butterfly is YOU.

Butterfly Art image by Mannie Billig

Touch Drawing

Touch Drawing is a creative practice of both psychological and spiritual integration in which paper is placed over a freshly painted surface and, wherever it is touched, an imprint is made on the backside. Impulses from within take form on the paper through the movement of the fingertips on the page. A multitude of drawings can be created in one session and each can be a stepping stone to the next which can guide you progressively deeper into your true self.

Touch Drawing, Angel of my H'Art

By Reverend Robert (Bob) Johnstone

Touch Drawing, Angel of my H'Art
by Yvonne Charneskey
Butterfly Art image by Mannie Billig


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