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Creative Awakening by Reverend Robert (Bob) Johnstone

By Reverend Robert (Bob) Johnstone

Reverend Bob at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

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Creative Awakening invites you on a stimulating journey of spiritual self-discovery. What is your ultimate destiny in this life? Discover where your soul has traveled, your present life purpose, and where your life is leading you next. Get more of what you want out of life - and less of what you don't! With the support of Reverend Robert Johnstone you will embark on the greatest adventure – discovering your spirituality to confidently live your life’s path.


So what does your spirit have to say?

By tapping into your creative spirit, with painting and drawing, Reverend Johnstone will reveal the symbolism and special meanings of your creative spirit. No painting or drawing skills required. Your free expression and creative process is emphasized in these fun and supportive workshops .

Life questions?

If you're confused or have questions in any area of your life, ask Reverend Johnstone to tell you what's happening. His unique insight is invaluable for any situation or relationship. When you invest in a reading, you're investing in your future - quite literally


Readings - Classes- Workshops

Reverend Bob is available for workshops, weekly classes, home parties and private or group readings.

Classes and workshops offer assistance to individuals to grow and continue on the path of their personal self discovery and spiritual awakening.

Subjects studied in the class curriculum include the use of crystals and gemstones, flower readings, correlation of colours to the spiritual awakening as well as a myriad of other spiritual interests and topics. Suggestions from the class attendants are also discussed and shared with the group.

To schedule your party, class or reading with Reverend Bob please contact him today.